My Week

I spent this past week in San Francisco, visiting my SO’s parents. It was great to get a brief break from my school workload.   

Ai Thyme 

I’ve been putting off my usual visit to Tuesday Morning. I made excuses, and before I knew it, months went by. Lately, the call of the shopping spirit reached out to me, and I knew I had to visit the store. I’m glad I did. I was surprised to find a couple Ai dolls on the shelf. I originally picked out Bee Balm, but found out that her shoes were missing. Thankfully I was able to go back and exchange her for Thyme. 

If I’ve learned one thing from these dolls, it’s that they’re near impossible to dress. I gave up trying to put her shoes on over her leggings, so nude-legged she goes.

Something I’ll have to get used to are her joints. They seem really unstable, even though she stands just fine. I see joint elastic and automatically think “Oh no, loose joints!!” But I’m super happy that she’s the perfect size for my 17″ Monster High dolls. 

Overall, I’m really excited to add Thyme to my collection. She’s an adorable intro to BJDs.




Amber enjoys hitting up the local thrift shops for unique clothing, and finding new farmer’s markets. She stops at the flower stand on the corner every morning. She’s available here.

Frightfully Stubborn Elissabat 

I had the strongest urge to do a repaint tonight. I’m really burning through my doll stock, and there are some dolls that I just won’t repaint. They’re too pretty. Looking at my doll drawer, I figured I could try another 17″ doll. They’re a fun challenge, and I haven’t done one in a while. 

I chose Elissabat because I knew she had some facial screening issues. I severely underestimated the issues though. Her eyes are so deformed. It’s almost as if they slathered putty on top of an already existing face mold, and decided that nobody will look at the face that much. WRONG. So wrong. On top of that, she had major gel head. All over. Her hair was so tangled, and I spent a good ten minutes brushing through it, while a pile the size of my fist fell out. I had to trim it up since it was so uneven. I’m pretty upset at the quality of this doll. 

My second problem started while I was removing the paint. I forgot just how difficult it is to remove the paint from these tall dolls. A good half an hour and 20 q-tips later, her face paint was removed….mostly. Some flecks still remained, because no matter how hard I scrubbed, by George they weren’t coming off. Whatever. I started on the blushing, and realized that my pastels were clumping on the face and applying so terribly. I’m still unsure if it’s from the chemicals already on the face, or if my spray didn’t dry at that point. I haven’t seen this happen before. So I erased it all and started over. 

Had I realized just how bad her face was, I probably would have contacted Mattel about getting a replacement. I mean her eyes are lumpy. LUMPY. But I did the best I could at salvaging her, and I think she turned out pretty well. I really like working on the bigger scale too. If only the Frightfully Tall Ghouls weren’t such a pain to repaint. 



Meet Anna. She’s entirely inspired by yours truly. A little boost to my ego? Sure. But we all know Anna is loads cuter than me. I mean look at that sassy face. She knows it too.