My Collection

So this is my MH/EAH doll collection in it’s entirety.

My first MH purchase consisted of Gigi and Catrine. I had plans of repainting them into fairies. That never played out. I made them into fantasy princess warriors instead. Catrine was inspired by the Khajiiti in The Elder Scrolls, and Gigi by the Bosmer. I imagined Gigi as an elf princess. I have plans of wiping their faces again, and repainting them again. But I kind of like my first repaints.

Daenerys was a Cleo that I rerooted and repainted. I love her so much (this reminds me that I had two Clawdeens that I repainted and rerooted into werewolf warriors, but sold them, and I miss them).

My collection is a modest little group, but with the way new waves coming out, I expect some new girls to join (I’m looking at you, Isi). So many new dolls.

I have some of my repaints listed in my Etsy shop.


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