Bratz Fashion Packs + MH and EAH

I had recently read in some forum that Bratz clothes fit MH and EAH bodies. I wasn’t so sure of that, with the Bratz doll’s short and stubby bodies, and lack of feet, but I thought that it couldn’t hurt to experiment. Today, I saw the various new lines of Bratz clothing in Target. One thing led to another, and I walked out of the store with the I Heart Stripes fashion pack, the one with the adorable little leather jacket. I had one of those terrible prepaid cards leftover from the past years, so it only cost me $5.99 out of pocket. I’m okay with that.

I wanted to try it out on as many different body types as possible. I used Poppy O’Hair, Rochelle, and Lorna as my models.

With Poppy and the other EAH bodies, the pants didn’t want to fit over her ankles. You know, because the Bratz dolls don’t even have ankles. They were a little low-riding on her hips, but some of you may like that style. The crop top showed a tad bit of under-boob. And the jacket fit quite well. I didn’t even have to take her hands off, but I did anyways for the sake of her bracelets.

With the Rochelle and the other regular MH bodies, the pants didn’t want to fit over her ankles either. But they fit on her hips better than on Poppy. The crop top is nearly unwearable for Rochelle, as you can see in the photo. She’s getting a bit frisky. And once again, the jacket fits well.

With Lorna and the other little sister MH bodies, the pants actually fit her in a baggy manner. They come to a good length on her, and the ankles are a little bit more manageable than the other larger dolls. The crop top fits well on her, and closes properly in the back. I couldn’t try the jacket on Lorna because of her fins, but I imagine it would fit perfectly. Lorna looked adorable in the crop top and pants, along with her original shoes. EDIT: The jacket fits over her fins, but I’ve pushed the sleeves up to her elbows since her fins poke the jacket. I didn’t want any rips!

At $7.99 an outfit, I think I won’t be getting too many more of the Bratz outfit packs for my MH/EAH collection. I’ll put that money towards buying handmade clothes on Etsy. Now if only there were Monster High brand fashion packs. My only question now: does anyone want a pair of Bratz shoes?


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