Repainting Lagoona

After taking a few days off due to a hand injury (I’m just lame and suffer from extremely sore hands when storms are coming and after blogging frequently), I’ve been getting antsy and impatient to get back to blogging and painting. So last week, I ordered the ZM Finishing Powder Spray from the Volks website, and today I received a huge box of art supplies as an early birthday present. So it seemed like the perfect chance to try repainting the thrift store Lagoona I grabbed a few days ago.

I have to say that the experience of using a sealant in between coats was fantastic. I was able to fix mistakes easily, and paint over the body. The experience of having to run out in between Florida’s sudden thunderstorms all day long was not as fantastic. I gave Lagoona little finger nails and toe nails, and touched up her fins. I found that using the sealant really helped me improve my work. Now I’m super excited to paint some more dolls soon!


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