Repainting Jinafire

Jinafire was my last broken doll leftover from the ebay lot I had purchased a few months ago. I have been avoiding her, since her plastic hip joints are essentially useless. But today, I finally opted to repaint her. She has an amazing face mold, and her full body scales are so neat to work on! I wish she came with her tail and orignal outfit, but ebay bidders can’t always be choosers.

I laid down her eyes with watercolor pencil, and went over with some metallic paints that I just recieved from Blick. Her reflective eyes are really cool, and she still has that dragon-like appearance.

I’m really liking how the ZM spray protects the dolls. I had some issues today with it drying since it was so humid out, but after some time drying indoors, it was fine.


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