Halloween Sewing Projects

It’s never too soon to start decorating for Halloween!

I saw this pack of $1 socks at Target and I just knew I had to do something for my dolls with them. My sewing job on this is atrocious since I extremely exhausted today, and I did a bad thing by leaving unstitched hems. But other than that, it’s a fully functional sweater and skirt. I attempted making Goo a witch hat, but having sewn two projects by then, I was past the point of being careful. It’s a little too big for her head, but I think it makes good decoration.

Also, I made myself cat ears and a tail. I’ve been wanting a pair for as long as I can remember, and there are some websites I’d love to support but just couldn’t afford them yet. So for under $11, I made my own!

I’m almost tempted to wear them out in public. Almost.


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