Lala and Goo in New Shoes

I usually try to stay away from eBay.  I’ve had too many problems with Paypal, and I usually end up overbidding and spending too much (or getting my heart broken by lost bids). Well this time it went so much better than I expected. I ordered the brown pair of Lorifina shoes for Lala, since I’ve heard that they fit the 17″ MH dolls. A few days later, I receive the grey pair. Expecting the worst, I requested a return, and asked if I could get the correct pair. Not only did the seller give a speedy response, but she also let me keep the grey pair! What a fantastic seller! I will make sure to buy from her before anyone else on eBay!

These pairs of shoes fit the 17″ MH well, but they’re slightly difficult to stand up with, the brown more so than the grey. I like the fit, and they’re easy to get on and take off, but I’ll probably buy or make some socks to tighten up the fit a little. I can’t wait to get a normal, “human” type outfit for Lala to pair with these brown boots!


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