A Pullip at the Goodwill

I still can’t believe I found this Taeyang guy at the Goodwill. Now I’m looking into customizing him. He’s missing his legs and arms, and his right shoulder has been pulled out of it’s socket. He’s in need of a new body, and quick! I’ve been looking at this Obitsu body….but I also had other ideas. What if I got THIS body, and made him a her?

I’ve been looking into what it takes to customize a Pullip head, and it’s quite frightenening. Sanding??? I’ve never sanded a doll before! Can I just paint over the already-existant paint and spray it with sealant?

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a brand new Pullip customizer. I’ve started a Pinterest board for inspiration of what I want to do with him. I’m excited to work with him, but also scared.


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