Ginger, Wearing Bratz

I took advantage of the $8.50 Selfie Snaps dolls, and got Cloe. I’ve been in love with her outfit and accessories since the first day I saw her, and I couldn’t pass up such a great deal.

I received her in the mail today. My original reason for buying Cloe was purely for her outfit. I love the slightly more realistic look of the Bratz clothing, and wanted to spruce up my MH/EAH collection with this outfit. The selfie dress was exactly what Ginger needed in my mind. Look at her glasses! Sigh, I’m in love with those glasses. Of course, Cerise was in need of a beanie, so this will do for now.

Where Mattel really drops the ball on clothing and accessories, MGA really picks up. I really wish Mattel would put this kind of attention into their products. Although I can’t really complain, because as soon as I got Cloe from her plastic, I realized that her right leg is broken, and won’t bend. I guess you trade quality of accessories for quality of the doll. Gently bending the knee repeatedly helped fix her knee joint.

Overall, I paid $8.50 for doll clothes. I’m not even upset. Ginger is finally complete, and I love her so much. Because of her adorable pastel hair, I have plans of giving Cloe an entirely new body, perhaps EAH to match the bigger head.


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