Traveling with Dolls

I decided to go on the hunt for some sort of carrying case for my dolls when I travel. I got some great ideas, and one thing led to another. I decided to search for those satin wine bottle bags. You know, the ones you always see in craft stores around the holidays. I started at Target to check their dollar section. Nothing. Not even any wrapping paper. Defeated but still hopeful, I went to Michaels next. Surely, the craft store of my childhood would come through with the exact item I needed….right? Wrong. Nothing of the sort was in stock at Michaels either. I almost gave up on the idea when my boyfriend mentioned the liquor store Total Wine. Duhhhhh. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Actually, I do. I thought all those other stores would have what I needed.

Braving the traffic, I made my way to Total Wine. Of course I found what I needed, but there weren’t any prices on the rack of Christmas themed wine bottle bags. Whatever. I picked out one, a particularly shiny blue sequin/satin wine bottle bag.

Checkout time found me stuck behind two particularly chatty Wine-o’s talking about how they’re planning on getting drunk with their boss, or going home to get drunk. They finally left, and I proceeded to check out. And I got carded. For a wine koozie.

Carded. For fabric and sequins.

That was the point of the long-winded story. I just wanted to share that I got carded for a wine bottle bag. Moving on to how the wine bottle bag worked. Since they were $6 each, I opted to get one. Cerise, Ginger, and Kjersti all fit in the bag, but only head first.

Since they were shoved into a tiny bag head first, taking them out messed up their hair. Shoving them in feet first is near impossible, and would get old real fast.

Getting real tired of dealing with this problem, I dug out one of my boyfriend’s many Apple drawstring bags in an attempt to try the impossible.

Little did I realize that it would work better than the satin wine bag.

All of the stress of checking multiple stores would have been non-existent had I just checked the stupid Apple bag. Had I been able to afford multiple wine bags, I think it would have worked fine.

Moral of the story? If you’re under 21 and want a wine koozie, get an adult to go buy it for you since Total Wine cards for them. And test the materials you have before checking stores.


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