Bratz Fashion Pack Black Dress

fullsizerenderI was able to snag a Bratz fashion pack at Target for $3.09 today. I have been eyeing this particular pack for a while now, and was able to price match it to TRU’s price. I tried it on Ginger and Isi, and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Having experienced Bratz packs working best on the little sister bodies, I was happy to find out that this pack worked well on regular body sizes.


Ginger’s body is a little bit wider since she’s an EAH doll. Isi is thinner in the waist and hips.


I hadn’t realized before that the overalls were shorts. I’m really happy about that, since they double as a pair of shorts. I’ll probably end up cutting off the straps, and use them as shorts from now on. Isi looks adorable with the overalls as shorts, and her shirt hides the bulk of the straps.

The dress fits Isi well, except for the length. It kept hiking all the way up on it’s own, and I had to keep pulling it down. The tutu definitely helps hide the shortness.

I think this outfit pack was made for Ginger. The shorts fit extremely well. The dress fits extremely well. The tutu fits extremely well. Ginger is my little pastel goth angel now.

This Bratz fashion pack works for MH and EAH. When I get home, I’ll try it on a little sister body. As for the length problem, as long as the dolls are posed carefully, the shortness doesn’t even show. The overalls don’t fit over the dolls shoulders, but can easily be turned into a regular pair of shorts. I’ll be doing that later. The waistband part of the overalls have Velcro, so even with the straps cut off, they’ll fit well. Not bad for $3.09.

Find this on Tumblr here.


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