DC Super Hero Girls: Bumblebee

I was on a mission this morning. I wanted to get one of the new DC Super Hero Girls that I had been seeing around. I woke up pretty early, and figured I’d try my luck at a Target. It was a nice Sunday morning, traffic was minimal, so why not? The one I visited today had Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, and Harley. After taking a few moments to decide who I wanted (and not buy all three), I decided on Bumblebee.

These new dolls are pretty impressive. I like how sturdy they are, and I was surprised to see that their body molds have a little muscle tone to them. I really like Bumblebee’s hair. It seems to be really nice quality, and not frizzy like some MH and EAH can have. Bumble’s torso is jointed, giving her some flexibility up there. Her hip joints seem to be pretty similar to MH/EAH, meaning she can’t really do splits. Oh well. She can stand easier than any of my MH and EAH dolls, so I’ll take that.

I really want to find Batgirl next. Her bat-ear hoodie is too adorable for me to skip.


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